What is Hospital Medicine?

What is Hospital Medicine?

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Dr. Mekhael
Dr. Mina Mekhael is an adult inpatient hospitalist. He has been practicing as an attending for 7 years since he finished residency. He grew up in the United States and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. He then went on to Medical school and from there to Residency in Family Medicine. After Graduating residency, he knew his passion was in hospital medicine and therefore pursued his career as an adult inpatient hospitalist. Dr. Mekhael has taught Internal medicine residents, Family Medicine Residents, Medical students, PA students, and NP students. He is board certified in Family Medicine and is still practicing as a fulltime adult hospitalist until this day. He is passionate about teaching and improving healthcare both in the United States and across the Globe. Dr. Mekhael believes that Hospital Medicine B&B can help reach each student and resident eager to learn how to practice Hospital Medicine appropriately and have that confidence needed to hit the ground running from day 1. Undergraduate College: University of North Carolina at Charlotte- Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Medical School: St. Matthews University School of Medicine. Residency: Atrium Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency.